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    E-commerce catalog website for users that facilitates them to browse through various save-energy based products. The site provides features like browsing through various categories of site, & viewing the various products included in addition to viewing the detail & a facility for users to go to teh concern 3rd party site to purchase the products.

  • http://bytboks.dk/

    E-commerce site provides users a facility to exchanges boxes, users will be able to add their old/unused material in a box & will add that in the listing on site so that any user requiring it can purchase it, the box will be taken from the provider & will be shipped to the customer. A Danish site, which has features like integration of Danish payment gateway "dankort” Danish Visa system.

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    Regenepure.com offer fast hair growth and hair loss products, dht hair loss shampoo, hair transplant shampoo, hair loss treatment products for women’s and men’s hair loss treatment.

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    Fanfare Food site is in CakePHP, where you can login from your facebook account to view restaurents and post your comments there.

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    GreedClix site is in CakePHP. This site provides premium advertising services present an excellent opportunity for you to get valuable traffic to your site at very affordable and competitive pricing.

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    Help-By-Pros, become faster better site is in CakePHP.

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    CooksCounter site is in CakePHP where you can Enjoy original, daily stories including recipes, videos, food news and opinions from your favorite writers, artisans, experts, chefs and the Taste editors.

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    37Pets.com site is in CakePHP. Where you can sell, buy and list your pets.

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    Askandhelp site is in CakePHP. Askandhelp is a non-profit project, originated to be a platform for fair and safe ability to help others in their daily lives and take help from others.

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    Board GameChanger site is in CakePHP. This website provides GameChanger Subscription Rental Services.