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  • Project development 
    We offer a wide range of custom programming services. We can deal with projects of any complexity and duration. Our aim is to provide top-quality custom programming solutions and solve time-cost trade-off problems of project management.

    After closely scrutinizing and analyzing your requirements we develop the project outline together with duration and cost estimates. Throughout the development process our managers keep control of the schedule, cost and customizability to ensure successful completion on time and to budget.
    Our team of programmers, managers and project coordinators work on the following tasks:

    • create a first-class advanced project that would best match your requirements;
    • apply the latest technological innovations;
    • pay the highest attention to satisfying the client's needs, without exceeding the deadline period and estimated cost of the project;
    • deliver a product that would perfectly run in its operating environment;
    • create a fault-tolerant, extensible product with further support;
    • coordinate the work of specialists in various spheres;
    • join the technical and marketing strategies into one guideline.

    Development cycle

    Our experience proves that the ability to outline a strategy when creating a project is an essential ingredient of its success. Most of our projects take a six-stage cycle in their development. Every stage is a stepping-stone to the next one, and together they lead to the desired result.

    Stage 1: Business Modelling
    Estimated value definition, project planning and prototyping, conceptual design.

    Stage 2: Management of Requirements
    Determine the scope of program features and specifications, hardware and software standards.

    Stage 3:
    Analysis and Project Development
    Modelling parts of the program, their interconnections and level of compliance with client's demands.

    Stage 4:
    Program code building. Also includes documentation, help files and tutorials writing.

    Stage 5: Testing
    Unit and final testing to make sure the product fits client's requirements.

    Stage 6: Installation
    Delivering program to the customer and verifying its work in the operation environment of the end user. Product maintenance.

    the finished project meeting client's needs and exceeding his expectations.