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Keyword is a web development company specializing in CMS in particular Drupal based in Jaipur, India. We specialized in website design for Drupal Content Management System.
Particular areas of our expertise include:

Benefits of Drupal:
Open source
Drupal is a content management system that uses an open source community for development. The system evolves around the use of modules, themes and translator tools that can be shared across the World Wide Web for free. The Drupal platform includes:

  • Themes - that are customisable for the design of the website.
  • Modules - allow for basic and additional functionality of a website
  • Mysql database - stores all the data for the website

Easy development of social networking sites
For websites that require more complex functions such as social networking sites, Drupal allows these functions to be implemented without having to code from scratch. However, it is important for developers to have some knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS.
Help and support
One of the major benefits of using Drupal is the vast amount of documented help and support available. The type of support available include bug reports, books about Drupal and security.