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phpMaestro is committed to providing the highest quality standards of support and most complete support services, including pre-sale and after-sale support, to all our customers worldwide.

Our professional staff is ready to help you whether this is the first time you contact us or you are a regular customer.
Online Support Center
Our online support center is the primary means of providing support to our customers.
Please contact our online support operators using the following contact options:
MSN Messenger,
Email Support
Please submit your questions to and our skilled support staff will respond within 24 hours.
Product Support
Every product has its own Support Center. Please visit product Web site to learn more about support services, download documentation, look through avavilable FAQ lists etc.
Comments & Complaints
If you have any suggestions, complaints or comments about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. We welcome your contribution, because it enables us to work more effectively and constantly improve our service. You will receive a reply from our competent staff within 2 working days. If we cannot resolve the problem immediately, we will inform you of the steps we undertake to find the right solution for your business. Our company is committed to bring the quality of our service to the highest level.
Please feel free to offer your suggestions so that we may serve your needs to the ighest degree.