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Basic Features of Affiliate Programme Software

  • Affiliate Network Partners provide you with all the cool creative you need to start earning money
  • Ads are removed from active status by user or automatically upon expiration of ads.
  • Campaign Ads renewal process , e-mail alert of ads expiration.
  • Controlled length of ads title .
  • Top visited, New, Featured Ads pages (by category) .

Administration Area

  • Ability to set maximum number of characters that users can enter in each text field while entering banner ads
  • Can specify required fields in the admin and manage displaying.
  • Admin Panel allows administrator's to manage virtually all aspects of the program through the easy language and GUI.
  • Multiple mailing lists support. Subscribe/unsubscribe with email, Newsletters confirmation, advanced admin area for mailing lists management, newsletter sending, bulk e-mailing and log management, etc . 

International Capatibilities

  • Conversion of entire site into any language, Multi lingual.
  • Accept International payments through integrated payment system.
  • Multi Currency Support.

System Requirements

  • Front end Application:-PHP 4.2 - Your web server must have PHP 4.2 or better version of php.
  • GD2 (PHP module) for higher-quality thumbnails producing.