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  • Programme Guide Line

    • Completely automated and integrated way for customer and subscribers satisfaction.
    • Integration between marketing, sales and customer care departments is key to meeting customer satisfactions and expectations.
    • First, all interaction with your website is automatically tracked, including , downloads purchased, orders placing, emails readout , surveys, incentive points earned and much more.
    • All changes made by the customer online are tracked and stored for your administrator's account.
    • Next, your customer has full access to manage and view account settings, order history, customer service requests, shipping addresses and more.
    • CRM(Resources) allows you to configure and restrict specific numbers of IP Addresses from our IP Banning System..
    • The Customer Resource Management System integrates seamlessly with, allowing you to see complete customer history at a glance! in a printable report format.

    Frontend Features

    • Your customers should be allowed more than one attempt to download a file they've purchased.
    • That's why the Dashboard provides a way for you to configure their Queries in the format they desire
    • After all, they might have had problems with their internet connection or even their computer itself.
    • Customer Information Center: - Easily create new, searchable fields to track any information for your customers.

    Administration Panel

    • Track order history changes, customer address changes, account expirations features,
    • Customers Groups offer a convenient way to view segmented reporting based on various types of customer profiles.
    • Emails read and more - all with complete details on the administrator or system process that made the update.

    System Overview

    • The system uses mysql supported database (including nearly all PHP hosting packages) to store and manage all user and reservation information.
    • Because of the availability of PHP, this system will run on any platform that meets the basic and necessary requirements.