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Front End Features

  • Search option for Articles
  • Admin Configured Colors, Icons, Fonts and Styles
  • Admin specified Site Header and Footer
  • Multilevel Article Categories
  • HTML formatted Articles
  • Refer Article to a Friend
  • Print friendly version of Article
  • View Article Stats
  • Rate an Article
  • Post comments on Article
  • Post a query for Webmaster
  • View related Articles
  • View Article Attachment

Client's Account Features

  • E-listing facilitates your visitor's to save rentals and their property using their account. They will notify if any property matching their criteria entered.
  • User have the rights to cancel their E-listing and N-Letter subscription
  • User can transefers their property rights to another one.

Administration Panel

  • Extensive Usage Stats related to Article popularity.
  • Create and edit Icon sets
  • Configure all outgoing Emails
  • Define multi level categories for articles
  • Add / Edit / Delete Categories
  • Shift Articles from one to other Category in one go
  • Extensive article management console
  • Add / Edit / Delete Articles
  • Define related Articles
  • WYSIWYG editor for posting articles
  • Post Attachments for Articles
  • View / Edit Article Stats
  • Reset Various Script Counters
  • User Questions and Queries Management
  • Interface to reply to the queries
  • Admin replies can be stored in FAQ database also
  • User Comment management console
  • View Approved and Unapproved User Comments
  • Edit / Delete Comments
  • Edit Site Header / Footer
  • Site Icon Management Section
  • Define new styles and display schemes for the site

System Releases

  • Powered By PHP technology, for web based application Support.
  • Mysql database connectivity.