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Jobseekers Features

  • Free Resume Posting
  • Automatic access upon registration
  • Resume Posting Interface
  • Profile Editing
  • Forgot Password
  • Upload / Attach Image to their resume
  • Online Resume Edit
  • Bookmark jobs
  • Search Job Listings and save searched jobs.

Employers Features

  • Email to selected jobseekers. Bookmark jobseekers resumes.
  • Job Posting Interface
  • Online Job Edit
  • Search Jobseekers
  • Automatic access upon registration for fee.
  • Upload / Attach Image to their profile
  • Profile Editing, Forgot Password.
  • Listing for job applies and email to jobseekers.
  • Payment Plans and Options for Job Postings and Searches

Administration Area

  • Manageable List of Jobseekers
  • Manageable List of Employers
  • Mailing members
  • Bulk mail all users, companies, or both
  • Automatic reminder emails to companies whose job listings have expired or will expire soon.
  • Direct access to Statistics
  • Setting up new admin accounts
  • Manage Industries, Job Categories.
  • Setting up pricing plans
  • Viewing members
  • Seleting members
  • Manage user registration and login
  • News Interface
  • Direct access to Statistics
  • Edit/delete resume of any jobseeker
  • Editable Email Messages which are automatically sent by the system
  • Admin can add/edit/delete articles and career resources
  • DB Support:- backup and restore of database.