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Drupal is a Content Management System and is written in PHP.
One of its key characteristics is that the entire framework of Drupal is OPEN SOURCE which means that its source code is available to everyone who is willing to work on it.

The basic features of Drupal are as follows:-

  1. It has the ability to register and maintain user accounts, administration menus and customizable layout.
  2. It also provides flexible account privileges, logging, blogging system and an intern
  3. Provides options to create an interactive community website.

Drupal can run on any computing platform that supports both a web server capable of running PHP version4.3.5+ and a database(MySQL) that can store the content and settings.


  1. It includes a hierarchical classification system, that allows the content to be categorized or tagged so that it can be easily accessed.
  2. It also includes the core modules which are to enabled by the administrator to extend the functionality of the core website.

Following are few best features of Drupal Core:

  1. Various access control restrictions such as IP Addresses, emails, etc.
  2. Security/new release update notifications
  3. Multi-level menu system
  4. Multi-user content creation and editing

Few drawbacks of Drupal are as follows:-

  1. Drupal's administration interface lacks an intuitive, i.e. Which can easily apprehend the user instructions, and simplified user interface.
  2. One of the major problem is during software development. Sometimes the code of Drupal's latest version is not compatible with the previous version.
  3. Last problem with first version was that it was much slower. This problem was removed by caching of static pages but static pages were to be delivered to anonymous users only which doesn't reflect the site's compatibility for real-world usage. Hence, to overcome this situation, SQL query caching is done which offset the load of the database due to high query rate.